Born it March 11, 1992, in a city of 80,000 habitants called Chervonograd which is located to only 30 kilometers of Poland.

Ukraine is my country of birth, my parents called me with the name Oleksandr and a single surname Boyko that came from my father and is the only thing that brought me because I was raised by my grandparents and my mother. I started the artistic path from childhood, I loved drawing and making crafts. At school I was the only who could make drawings for the whole class. At the age of 11 years I attended to classes in drawing and painting where I spend my free time until my mother, who then was earned a living in Spain, I picked up to come here, where I have been for years. In Spain I continued to attend painting classes because I needed to escape from the emptiness and I have always had the need to express myself by any artistic means pursues me. Later, I studied at art school layout and Photography, and is photography that marked me emotional and personal, but only in it I see my emotional and artistic escape.

My artistic name is Oleksandr McQuartz, that comes from Alexander McQueen and Quartz because the need to change my surname for something more spiritual and close to me. I always carry around quartz, it’s just a little mania of the many I have. And now I’m here stripping my soul naked in front of you through photography. Now, as I never before, I know that I love photography and I will give my soul and heart to dedicate myself to it. If you believe in dreams, the dreams will believe in you.

“About his work tells us the following: ‘I love working Surrealismos, my dreams and my fears’, and his way of getting it is visualizing previously the ideas he wants to express, to then find a way to carry them out, either through of a scenery, a decoration or an emotion. Although the majority of the time his photographs are not part of a major project, he currently works on two projects: Going to the and LoliPop.”

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